How To - Create a Data Set

1. Create your Windows Mobile Project

2. Right Click on your Project File and Click Add New Item

3. Select the DataSet from the List of Templates and provide a name for the DataSet

4. A grey designer window should appear, Right click on this area and Click Add DataTable

5. An empty DataTable will appear

6. Right click on the DataTable and Click Add Column

7. A Column will be added, rename the Column and Change the DataType in the Properties window

8. Repeat this for each of the Columns to wish to add, making sure to select the correct DataType for each

9. Once you have added all the Columns, your DataTable should look like the following :-

9. You will now need the Source Code to add rows, save the data to an XML file, read the data from the XML file, iterate through the datarows and add more data to the DataSet. This source can be downloaded (Dataset Xml Tester (CF2.0 VS2008)) at the following page :-