How To - Setup a Dial Up Connection on a Windows Mobile device

1. Find a DialUp provider that provides a local rate call such as 0845 for the UK

2. I have selected, their settings are 0845 123 2080, Username: nocost, Password: dialup (There are many other ISPs)

3. On the device go to Start > Settings > Connections Tab > Connections

4. Tap Add a new modem connection

5. Enter a name for your connection

6. Under Select a Modem, Select Cellular Line

7. Tap Next

8. Enter the dialup number as previously found (08451232080) (Please ONLY use this number if you are dialing from within the UK)

9. Tap Next

10. Enter the username and password as previously found Username: nocost, Password: dialup

11. Tap Finish

12. Then Tap Manage existing connections and make sure your new dialup connection is selected

13. You should now be able to get connected using this connection.