How To - Discover Windows Messages

1. Start the Remote Spy Remote Tool that is shipped with Visual Studio (C:\Program Files\CE Remote Tools\5.01\bin\ccspy.exe)

2. Once Remote Spy is started, you will be prompted to select a device from the list

3. Select with the Device that is connected to your machine or the Emulator, I am going with the Emulator, then click Next

4. You will be presented with the Connecting to device dialog

5. After a few seconds the connection will be established and the Windows list will be populated

6. Expanding this list will show all the Windows that are currently available

7. You now need to start the application that you want to discover the windows messages for

8. I have gone with a standard C# .NET Smart Device project which contains a single form and a single textbox control

9. Revert back to the Remote Spy window and refresh the window

10. You will not see your application list

11. Expanding this will show you the control on your form

12. Select the single control that appears (the textbox) and then press the Messages button

13. A new messages window appears, this list will be empty to start with

14. You now need to interact with the control to discover the windows messages that are raised, I clicked (tapped) on the textbox

15. As you can see, items appear in the list, these are the windows messages

16. You can then use the subclassing technique detailed at the following links to implement missing functionality for the controls of your choice

Using the NativeWindow class to add missing functionality to CF.

Is it possible to get MouseUp event with TextBox?