How To - Setup A Windows Mobile 6 Device for Cell Broadcast Messags

1. Tap Start > Settings

2. Tap Phone

4. Tap the More Tab

5. Enable the Checkbox under Broadcast Channels

6. Tap Settings

7. Check the Checkbox Receive channel list and Select your appropriate language

8. Tap the New Button and Enter a Name

9. Enter the Channel number, this is specific to the network of the inserted Sim, for Vodafone UK the Channel Number is 50

10. Tap OK

11. Check the Checkbox next to the new entry in the Select items to receive

12. Tap OK, and OK again until you get back to the Today screen

13. After a short while you should start receiving Cell Broadcast Messages via Notifications

14. To programmatically access these Messages, download the project CellBroadcastTester